objectives OBJECTIVES - The Bay Area Puma Project (BAPP) is the first largescale research, education and conservation program for pumas in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. It's main goal is to increase knowledge and awareness about Bay Area puma populations, in order to promote better co-existence between humans and pumas in the region, and ultimately to help foster a more harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world... [more]

the-team THE TEAM - BAPP began in 2007 when Zara McDonald, Executive Director of Felidae Conservation Fund, determined that what was needed to protect and sustain Bay Area puma populations was an innovative merging of scientific research and public education. This unusual mix enables the project to leverage its science to change public attitudes, and provide maximum conservation benefits for the local environment... [more]

partnerships PARTNERSHIPS - BAPP is a collaborative effort bridging science, education and conservation, and it incorporates numerous and varied partnerships. The project receives field support from the CA Department of Fish and Game, financial backing from several large foundations, and operational collaboration from a broad range of institutions and organizations... [more]

contact-us CONTACT US - Here are links and email addresses for getting in touch with the project team, or learning more about the project partners and their critical work to help protect our local ecosystems... [more]